October 2, 1994 to July 2, 2006
Painting by Wendy
OCTOBER 2,1994 TO JULY 2, 2006

I waited along time for you .

I spent three years emailing and talking with Trudy in Canada.

Then one day she told me she had the dog for me if I wanted you.  You were  Canadian Ch. Tamaron International Law
(Brodie and you were five years old with an injured eye), your previous owner could not keep you any more I said yes and
took you injured eye and all.  It was winter time and I did not want to wait another six  months before I got you so I
decided to drive to Canada in January in snow and blizzard ( Yes I wanted you that bad).

I was going to show you even with the injured eye because I knew you could help me learn in the ring.

I drove to Canada in January through Colorado, Wyoming and Montana.  I went with a friend and we got to the Canadian
Border and he could not cross so I took him to a town in Montana and I went across the border.  I drove to Trudy’s
friend Carol’s house and spent the night.  The next morning Carol drove me to  Trudy’s and I spent the night there.  

You were so beautiful and my dream had come true to own a show dog,  you took up with me very fast, you even sleep with
me that night.  Carol and I got up and left with you the next morning and due to snow a four hour drive took six hours.
But by the time we got to Calgary the snow had stopped and you and I went on across the border.

We came home and you and I went to several shows.  You never got your title but was not because you were not the right
dog.  The judges told me several times that if it had not been for your eye they would have given you the points that made
my day and in my heart I had my Am/Can Ch.. Due to finances I had to give up showing.

You spent the rest of your life being my buddy and friend.  You were the king of the house.  When John came into my life
you accepted him (you had not liked any males from that point) They say dogs have good judgment in people I guess that is
right because John has been the best thing in our lives.  

We called  you our old man only because you were the oldest in the house of our four legged babies.  You accepted every
one that we brought in the house but you let them know you were the boss the king.

We never got a pup from you because by the time we got the right female you were to old.  We tried several things but
nothing worked.  You will always be in our hearts and our beloved Old Man.   

John and Linda Lanham.  
Harley Collies
(7/26/06 TO 09/11/2015)